Harris Twins Series
sweet cowboy romance

Harris Twins Book #1 ~ Sydney & Braxton

Braxton left and never looked back - until now. His father's death makes him half-owner of a nearly bankrupt Twin Springs Ranch, and he returns to find not only his twin brother in need of help, but a woman who reminds him that the ranch is more than just bad memories.

Sydney knows two things; she will do anything to save Twin Springs, and she hates Braxton Harris. Her guard is up and she does everything she can to ignore the way Brax makes her feel. She isn't going to fall for the guy who doesn't care if the ranch is sold or succeeds, since he'll be leaving either way. Right?

Can they come together to save Twin Springs, and is it possible for them to have a future?

Harris Twins Book #2 - Lilyana & AJ

Twin Springs Ranch is back on track, and AJ heads to the local auction to find a horse to add to the stable. Amid the bidding, he finds not only a perfect horse, but a woman who feels like an old friend even though they just met.

Lilyana is devastated that her job at Mr. Heward’s ranch is coming to an end and that the horses she loves are being sold. When she meets the man who bought Chance, he invites her out to his ranch, and she accepts, even if she’s unsure if it is a date or not.

Lilyana helps AJ through his grief and, after nearly losing the ranch to a wildfire, shows him what the future of the ranch could be like. Could there be a permanent place at Twin Springs for her? Was she lucky enough to not only find the man of her dreams, but the job of her dreams, too?

Harris Twins Book #3 ~ Everyone

Just as tourist season is winding down and everything appears to be going smoothly, a chance conversation on a night out throws Twin Springs Ranch into a tailspin. When the neighbor gets an offer on his farm before it even goes to market, Brax knows something is up.

Real estate developer Mr. Denton is on the prowl for land. The prospect of a mini-mall next door is bad enough, but when they discover the property line isn’t where they thought, the reality is even worse.

AJ, Brax, Sydney, and Lilyana all have to work together to save access to the spring and keep the ranch as it should be. Will the stress of the situation bring the couples closer together or will rising tension be too much for their relationships?

Reviews for The Harris Twins Series

5 Stars - I love this series! 

I absolutely love this series. It’s so different from what I’ve been reading it’s such a breath of fresh air. Though this book we see more struggles from both couples to fight for Twin Springs Ranch.

I absolutely fell in love with AJ and Lilyana in book 2 when I arc read it. And I fell even harder for them in this book. Then we also have more of Sydney and Brax as well. Their relationships are so believable as well as what they are facing in the Ranch. I was happy to feel like I was back in the ranch with them fighting for what’s theirs. And we also have the horrible Mr Denton back. I didn’t like him in the last book and even less in this one. A must read to see how everything plays out. Well done Isla Ryder. Can’t wait to read more from this author!
~Nikki J on Amazon

5 Stars

I'm not in romance and horses, but... Isla Ryder made me fall in love with cowboy AJ. The way he appeared in the book - clumsy and shy - so, cute and sweet, I couldn't get enough of him. The horses, open places, and simple, but warm dialogues - made me remember the best moments of my childhood spent on the farm.

I loved the relaxation the story let me experience after a hard-working day. It let me forget all the worries and enjoy the simple life in the Twin Spring Ranch, which is not so simple after all...
~ Naito Diamond on GoodReads

5 Stars - An Interesting Read!! 

Charming, beautifully written, and hopelessly romantic. Isn't it just so great when you find one of those books that completely drags you in, makes you fall in love with the characters, and demands that you sit on the edge of your seat for every nail-biting moment of it? This is one of those books for me. Read this series. You won’t be disappointed.
~ Kathleen Bulfon on Amazon

5 Stars

I've been following this story from the beginning, and I have to say I'm really enjoying how the two couples' relationships have developed over time.

I like AJ and Lilyana a lot, from when they met in Book 2, and I'm so happy with how their relationship develops in Book 3. Syd and Brax are very much in Book 3 too, and the author manages to tell this story from all their perspectives, which gave great insights into each character.

There is a very believable crisis that harks back to the earlier books and a quite unexpected solution that kept me reading. I enjoyed this very much, and look forward to reading more from this author.
~ Cassia Hall on GoodReads

5 Stars - great series! 

Brax scares Syd off, trying to move their relationship forward just a bit too fast. AJ wants things to be perfect with Lilyana, not realizing that just being with each other makes their life perfect. 

When Denton is back, these four form a formidable team and work together to foil his plans.

It's a terrific final book in a great little series, and I loved reading it. The hopeless romantic in me was more than satisfied with the ending.
~ Karen C on Amazon

5 Stars

I really enjoyed this sweet romance. Having been involved with horses for the past forty years it is refreshing that the author gets the equine stuff right. The horses have their own personalities, not just set decoration. Sydney and Brax may butt heads but are obviously meant to be together. The two brothers also have an engaging story with each other. I wish Twin Springs Ranch were an actual place, I'd book my stay tomorrow!
~ Tammy on GoodReads