Pine Mountain Horse Park
sweet equestrian romance 

Second Chance at the Water Jump

All Savannah wants is to qualify for the Eventing championships with her horse Tucker. They’ve been working hard and staying focused, but an early season fall really starts the year off wrong. Worse yet, it’s caught in all its water-soaked glory by the photographer Evan—who also happens to be the guy she ditched before their blind date even started.

Evan is tired of working in a studio and is taking his photography business into the horse world. There’s a lot to learn, but the daunting task is certainly more fun when Savannah ends up in front of his lens. That blind date of theirs wasn’t as blind as she thinks: he might have begged for the set-up.

Can she make it to the championships and through that dreaded water jump?

Can he get her to put aside her old relationship woes and give him a shot?

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Hassling the Show Manager

A sweet, slow burn, enemies-to-lovers equestrian romance.

Maya’s day to day life is full of ‘good enough’s, but she wants her show series at Pine Mountain to be something special—something she can be proud of. When her first day begins with Reid Nash storming in and blaming her for lost entries she’s rattled. Maybe she’s in over her head, but she’s not about to let arrogant trainers walk all over her.

Reid needs this series to help build his training program. His horses and students mean everything to him. Making a name for himself would bring in more clients and allow him to hire help and take a day off every now and then. That’s if the disorganized woman running the show can get her act together.

As the series continues, it becomes clear that first impressions can be misleading: Maya wants her show to help the equestrian community, and Reid is a true horseman. Joining forces may be the best way to reach their goals. But could it also be the secret to both of them finding more than they dreamed of?

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Faking It on the Center Line

Rebecca let slip that she has a date for her sister’s wedding. Except, that’s totally a lie. But to get her mother off her back, she has to make an effort. When one of her students suggests a fake date, Rebecca is willing to take a chance.

Wyatt’s family is all about white picket fences and 2.5 kids. Not his idea of a perfect life. So when a client connects him with Rebecca in this crazy scheme, he’s intrigued.

Neither of them expected to find someone who understands their passion for horses and fits seamlessly into their lives. One fake date leads to another, and soon it’s unclear when they’re pretending and when they’re not. 

When sparks fly, it becomes increasingly difficult to deny what’s brewing between them. Can they find their way through the charade to forge a true connection?

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Christmas Eves at Pine Mountain

A sweet, best friends to lovers, holiday novella.

Kelsey couldn’t be more excited about the Pine Mountain Christmas Eve party. It’s going to be her perfect chance to have a meaningful conversation with her long-time crush, Christian. But everything that can go wrong does go wrong. Luckily, her BFF Ryan is there to help.

Ryan holds the title of Kelsey’s bestie, but the idea of more tugs at him. If Kelsey could only see what he has to offer, would she feel the same?

When Kelsey’s Christmas Eve wish takes on a life of its own, she inexplicably wakes up on the morning of December 24th… again. And again, and again.

How long will Kelsey be stuck in this tinsel-fueled day before she sees what’s right in front of her? Can a little Christmas magic help her see who she should really be kissing under the mistletoe?

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Reviews for the Pine Mountain Horse Park Romances

"What truly set this romance apart was its ability to balance humor and heart."
~GoodReads reviewer - Faking It on the Center Line

"Unique, intriguing, inspiring & beautiful."
~ Amazon reviewer - Second Chance at the Water Jump

"The perfect read for everyone who loves horses."
~ GoodReads reviewer - Hassling the Show Manager

"reminded me of what it's like to fall in love, and that is such a fun feeling."
~Amazon reviewer - Second Chance at the Water Jump

"just what one needs to unwind after a hectic day. "
~Amazon reviewer - Hassling the Show Manager

"I look forward to every single book that the author publishes "
~GoodReads reviewer - Christmas Eves at Pine Mountain

"This book was a breath of fresh air. A really good story"
~ Amazon reviewer - Second Chance at the Water Jump

"I really like the way Isla writes, like a real horse person."
~ GoodReads reviewer - Hassling the Show Manager

"Thank you, dear author, for a horse girl who can administer her own Banamine!"
~Amazon reviewer - Second Chance at the Water Jump

"Had me laughing"
~GoodReads reviewer - Faking It on the Center Line

"delightful novella is reminiscent of a Hallmark Christmas movie"
~GoodReads reviewer - Christmas Eves at Pine Mountain