Short Stories

Time Faults a short contemporary equestrian new adult story by Isla Ryder

Liz can’t help but be attracted to the new vet that’s been coming to the barn. But, she already has a lot on her plate with competing her horse Felix and grad school starting in the fall. Liz doesn’t even want to think about the fact that she might have to sell her beloved horse.

Dr. Matt is great at his job and plans to keep up professional boundaries—no matter what other emotions might get in the way, even when it becomes clear Liz has been having the same feelings.

Life around the barn is hectic, and Liz and Dr. Matt can’t stop bumping into each other. Can they ever become more than vet and client?

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Greener Pastures by Isla Ryder a prequel short story to the Harris Twins Series

Andrew is a wrangler at Double R Ranch, he loves the horses, but his boss makes enjoying it difficult. He dreams of doing better, but he’s stuck in a rut.

When Lisa stops to offer the horses treats, she finds herself under the scrutiny of the grumpy wrangler. Can she win over his sheltered heart?

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Short Story Reviews

Time Faults - 5 Stars

A lovely short story that's true to life and sure to appeal to horse lovers and lovers of contemporary romance.

Liz boards her horse at this barn where a new vet, Dr Matt, is taking over the rounds. She finds it hard to keep her eyes off him, while he struggles to stay professional with her since she's a client.

Call me crazy, but I just love reading about decent people trying to do the right thing, even when it comes to romance.

I've read all Isla Ryder's books and I really love the authenticity in her writing. You can tell right away she's someone who not only loves horses but spends a lot of time in that world, riding and taking care of them. Her stories have that feel of a genuine connection with horses and people who work with them.

Even the title is clever. I thought it was about the issue of timing in Liz and Dr Matt's relationship, but apparently it's also a technical term in show-jumping.

If you love horses, if you like to read sweet equestrian romance written by someone who really knows the world of horses and stables and barn life, then you must add this author to your list. Highly recommended!
~ Cassia Hall on GoodReads

Time Faults - 5 Stars

An excellent short story that is sweet, wholesome and romantic

This short story is really a lovely tale of a young woman who meets an attractive male veterinarian at the stables where she keeps her much loved horse.

There is some beautiful chemistry between Liz and Dr Matt but they are not able to act on these feelings for professional reasons. I really liked the perspectives from Liz and Dr Matt.

Eventually, things change in Liz's life. Will this give Liz and Dr Matt an opportunity to pursue a romantic relationship? Read this book to find out! :)

I look forward to reading more from Isla Ryder.
~ Lucinda Bloom on GoodReads

Greener Pastures - 5 Stars

It was a sly move to hook me from the first sentence and don't let me go until the end. However, as the person who picks on the details, I was totally satisfied with a picture of wrangler Andy's life in the country-town. It was like time travel to the 90s when disposable cameras were the real thing (not the myth we tell our children now).

Both characters -- Andrew and Lisa -- were so well-developed and lovable that 30 pages were more than enough to engage with them and live their life. Isla showed us their beliefs, goals, and the challenges they needed to overcome, so this story is more than a prequel to Twin Harris Ranch series: it's qualified to be stand-alone.

Thank you, Isla, for letting me have the taste of the 90s and ranch's life - it was a peerless experience.
~ Naito Diamond on GoodReads